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Thursday, March 17, 2011


What is Budget Bizz?

Budget Bizz is the best budget online store. Our product consist pre-loved items that are still in good condition and brand new products.

Is Budget Bizz trustworthy?
Yes, because we want to establish a long term trust and credibility with our customers

How do we make payment for the products that we purchase?

You can bank in the amount purchase to our CIMB account. Please refer to our Payment Method.

What is the currency used on my purchases?
RM/MYR denotes to Malaysian Ringgit.

How do we get the products that we purchase?
We will deliver it right to your doorstep through a reliable courier service provider.

Where do you deliver?
Only around Malaysia, we don't do international delivery.

Do I get charged for the delivery service?
Please refer to our Postage Charges for the postage charges.

Which shipping services does Budget Bizz use?
We use Poslaju or Skynet Express.

What if I do not receive my items?
We will provide you the tracking number and you may track your order on our courier service website.


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